Budding with Possibility

imageThe grass is growing, buds are swelling into blossoms, our gardens are tilled and we are ready for spring. Our compost this year consists of aged alpaca & cow manure mixed with shredded leaves. We decided to move our vegetable gardens from down the hill by our barn to our front yard. Through the years we’ve discovered that, for us, weeding and every day maintenance is the real work of having a garden. In the beginning planting is labor intensive, but a successful, abundant, and sustainable garden takes dedication and self-discipline from planting through harvesting. So, with this in mind, having our gardens right outside our front door and easily accessible will help us tremendously….especially with a little one running around. Besides, if we are going to landscape, why not make it edible! There is just so much to think about and to get done this time of year.

You know, it’s easy to get caught up in the list of unending ‘projects’ around the Farm (that could be said of life in general) and there IS a sense of satisfaction seeing a project complete. But to be honest, I feel the most joy in those tiny moments in between the start and finish; tilting my face toward the sun, taking a deep breath and a sip of water after digging a few holes for our garden from which we will gather food and replenish our bodies in a couple short months. Or watching our son splash in the puddles on our way down to the barn for chores. For me, it’s important to take in those moments, to widen my perspective from task oriented to in-the-moment-experience oriented.

I’m looking out my window at the lake down the hill and the waves indicate there is a strong northwest wind.  What opportunities will blow through our life today?

Budding with possibility.