With the rain comes the flowers



It has been said that there are two springs in Minnesota: The Thawing & The Greening. On The Farm, we are in the midst of The Greening. Excitement, rebirth, and the gentle unfolding of spring abounds. There are the early bloomers like the maple trees, already greening. And there are the late bloomers like the black walnut trees, their buds are just beginning to emerge. All unfolding in their own time and with a grace that humbles me to my core. The momentum of our ascent moves forward as we approach the summer solstice, after which we will begin our descent into rest and dormancy. The seasons are a beautiful mirror, a reminder that everything is a process.

The crops are in, our garden is planted (with a few exceptions) and we look forward to watching it all grow. Right about the moment I thought the ground was too dry and our rain barrels getting too low, the spring rains swept through, offering us a reprieve from our watering chores and our endless outdoor ‘projects’. Taking this moment to nourish other parts of our life, the parts that we seem to overlook during this very busy time of year.

Reminding me: With the rain comes the flowers.