Summer Solstice

imageThe seasons blend together so beautifully, I have to make a conscious effort to acknowledge that today marks the first day of summer, the longest day of the year. Butterflies are beginning to show themselves, the Canada goslings are shedding their down and unfurling their gently tucked feathers. The field, garden, and all plant life is bursting at the seam and growing before my very eyes. We are in the throes of, in the height of new growth, of life emerging into its fullness. Welcome.

Summertime on The Farm looks like this: glorious & bright eastern sun rises; steady barn chores and pasture management; endless mowing; occasional naps in the hammock; plenty of bike rides; wading pool and sandbox parties; vigorous garden weeding and watering; evening boat excursions that usually begin or end with fishing; some evening campfires and firefly watching. The firefly display in our goose pond this year is spectacular. Our son, excitedly, asks every night:”Let’s go see the moon mama!” Or “Daddy, let’s go see the fire bugs!” Watching him delight in the summer wonders is like summoning magic into our lives. Bless our sweet boy for all the gifts he brings.

Our vegetable gardens are growing well. The broccoli and brussel sprouts are particularly healthy this year as is our red leaf lettuce and arugula. We tried putting some strawberries in pots and that was not very successful. However the herbs we planted in the old whiskey barrels are overflowing. In our two northern facing (shady) barrels we planted spearmint and parsley. In our three southern facing (more sun exposure) barrels we planted cherry tomatoes, rosemary, oregano, thyme, lavender and lemongrass. And I suspect we will have some cherry tomatoes to enjoy in just a few short weeks. There’s nothing quite like a sun warmed sweet cherry tomato fresh off the vine.

Oh, how I love the Summer Solstice…..