Eastern Sun


Today, I saw a flock of ducks fluttering across the dreary clouds in the late morning. Strange since it is only February, a gentle reminder that we never know what to expect. ┬áIt felt like a tiny miracle; the first sighting of our migratory friends, bringing with them the promise of Spring. We are going to tap our Maple Trees this weekend, since the temperature is above freezing during the day and below freezing at night. This is the time when the trees begin sapping: pulling all of the stored sap from it’s roots up through it’s truck and out to each limb. Before we know it, there will be buds and then the slow unfoldment of each perfect leaf. So beautiful. I will be posting more about our tapping and syruping process here, and on our website / social media outlets. Visit us at http://www.natureseconomy.com

As the weather begins to warm up and I begin to shake off the cold, begin to turn outwards again, I am integrating the meditation below. Cheers to renewal & rebirth!

“Eastern Sun melt the cold from my bones, curtain rise. Take the darkness from my eyes, breathing in. Pulling life into my lungs, as a child, I am born again.” -Ayla Nero



Beneath the winter snow


A time for rest. I’d say our growing season is o v e r. Ha, well past over. With the solstice behind us, the sun is growing stronger every day which is rather exciting for us gardeners and our pasture-grazing friends. Still, it IS winter and with that comes an appreciated┬áreprieve from our outdoor projects, well most of them anyway. This time of year our outdoor activities include: barn chores-taking care of our alpacas, geese, and chickens (who are keeping warm in their barn down the hill); ice skating on the goose pond; snow shoeing & tree trimming; blowing our driveway; and some good old ice fishing. What a treat it is when Steve comes home with some fresh fish for dinner. Taking a breath, taking a pause, embracing the season. And beneath the winter snow is life waiting to be reborn.